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Trailer for the upcoming film Escape 


It's                     time                    to                    escape


 It's time to escape.


 October 9th, 2021

Two pigs on the farm attempted to escape.

They didn't make it in the end.

I made an escaping guide for them, which includes a compass-making tutorial,

I hope when they decide to give it another try, 

they will find their directions.




Recording of my class


A friend of mine replied to a video of the horse that I shot earlier. 


“A unicorn!” She texted me. 


I was not able to see the single straight horn projecting from its foreheads. But now I see it. 

While I was staying at a farm in Upstate New York last summer, two pigs from our barn secretly escaped. Somehow they managed to squeeze themselves out between the gap of the chains. They must be desperate, as they looked like two inflated balloons, and it seemed quite impossible for those two overweight balloons to float over the fences. Neighbors used apples to help me seduce them back to the barn, and we almost failed for not having enough apples. 


They were huge that day, fluffy and gigantic— two drifting obese souls, full of the spirits of rebellion and adventure.


I was told that they always wanted to sneak out. Thus I decided to help them with my Escaping Guide 101, starting with a Compass-making Tutorial. With the kitchenware I gathered and the small fragments I collected from the farm, the direction North was easily found, and they will no longer get lost. 


The tutorial is for everyone. 

I knew they didn’t truly live inside the fences. They were wished to live a free and happy life.

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