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"Mastering the art of everyday conversation means remembering that it is a two-way street, with thoughts and ideas shared in both directions..."

I started to discipline the green parrots outside my window during the quarantine. As we know, they are famous for their deafening noise and rebellion stories. By performing as an Etiquette instructor, chasing the parrots and forcing them to follow specific disciplines, I aim to question the use of human regulations on nature, and historically, how obedience was formed and routinized in our society.

I also film the class with a VR camera placing on my helmet. Turn the caption on when watching the Youtube VR video.

截屏2021-08-31 下午5.10.57.png

Photo by Labbie Manesh


Photo by Labbie Manesh

Here is the syllabus for this training course. 

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