Ruoyi Shi 石若宜 (b.1996)  is an interdisciplinary artist working with objects, writings, performances, and video installations.

Inspired by folklore, oral history, mythology, and personal memory, she combines humor and fiction to construct her own poetic narratives. Through her practice, Ruoyi plays a world-building game with the figures and creatures she invents. She also invites audiences to participate in her alternative reality. 

​Some Words

I consider my works as fragments I collected for creating an alternative reality. I invent figures, tools, myths, and memories. Using sculptures, writings, performances, and videos, I aim to experiment with the boundaries between nature and artificial existences, truth and truth-making. For me, this is a never-ending game that mirrors the past, the present, and the future. I might appear to be an archeologist, a scientist, or a psychic reader, wandering around like a game avatar, and everyone can project themselves on these characters.

No matter which character I am playing as, I am always a traveler. In this continuing journey of searching for answers, I use my tentacles to sense the surroundings and keep being curious. Being a game designer and a player simultaneously, I start to question where the most honest resource for people to gain information and knowledge is? Why the fact or "truth" is decided by certain media or the elite? How was our vocabulary chosen and developed in today's society? And what formed our judging criteria for what to trust and believe?