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Koreatown, situated in Los Angeles County, is notably lacking in green spaces. Liberty Park, the sole green area in the neighborhood, is, in reality, a private property. In response to this urgent situation, MOTOR presents "Sunrise to Sunset ”, a one-day occupation of Liberty Park and its surroundings. Artists seize this unique opportunity to activate the space, foster interactions among people, reflect on the meaning of communal gatherings, or simply enjoy the outdoors.


The 1:365 model of Liberty Park has been delivered and assembled on-site. This replica of the pristine green lawns provides people with the opportunity to open, edit, or alter the "sacred" private land.

Small objects, papers, and drawing tools are provided for individuals to create their ideal version of the park or to get creative with the pedestal and case.

By the end of the day, someone will mysteriously remove this 1:365 version of the land before sunset

DSC06990 2.JPG
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