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When a computer program cannot recognize foreign characters, it often uses hollow square shapes as the placeholder. These squares, sharing the same shape as the Chinese word (口/Kou)," meaning "mouth" in English, serve as a visual representation. However, devoid of meaning and sound, they remain silent, unable to convey any message.


Originating from Pictograms, Chinese characters are simplified depictions of tangible objects. They evolved from literal representations to encompass symbolic and metaphoric meanings. The character “Kou/口" not only signifies actions involving the mouth but also serves as a fundamental element in the structure of other characters. 


I modified the text from the chosen paragraph, keeping only the square shapes. These squares are used to form content that is both readable and unreadable, speakable and unspeakable to all of us.

A vision therapy video that helps improving reading comprehension and reading speed. 

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